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Welcome Info

Welcome to the Youghiogheny Mountain Resort.  The "Yough" is glad to have you as a neighbor!  We are a unique community on approximately 2400 acres in beautiful Garrett County, Maryland.  You will find many things to do here in the community:  Snowmobiling, hiking, fishing and hunting to name a few.  Or just laying in a hammock and enjoying the peace and quiet.

We hold several community picnics and events each year for our members.  A Fishing Rodeo is held each Memorial weekend for the children.  We have recently renovated the Yough Mountain Lodge.  Stop in during one of the community social events. There are numerous local attractions for your entertainment and you may find some of these on the Points of Interest section of this website.

Please view the Youghiogheny Homeowners Association Welcome Packet for information regarding our amenities, Covenants & Restrictions and Rules & Regulations.

Please be aware that there are some individually held lots and properties within the community which are NOT membership properties and do not come with any membership privileges or usage of any YHOA owned amenities and assets. This means, if you purchase a non-membership property, you will not have ATV, hunting or fishing privilege usage. You may not use our hiking trails, playground area, tennis courts or our dumpsters. You may only receive one (1) gate card purchased at the current rate. You may only access our road system with a licensed automobile (no ATV's, Bikes, etc.) to get from the gate to your property only. You will not have voting rights, nor be able to participate in any YHOA meetings or events.  You should be aware of the membership status of any property in which you are interested, as this could affect the value of the property.  If you purchase a non-membership property and wish to become a member, you will be required to pay the $2,500.00/per lot "Buy-In to Membership Fee" and sign the "Consent to Declaration".  If you wish to find out if a property that you are interested in purchasing is a membership property, please email us at