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Before You Build

The YHOA Architectural Committee oversees approval of new residences, new garages and/or sheds and alterations to your existing residence or lot.  Before you build or make alterations to your property please review these documents and submit an Architectural Approval Application.  Please be aware of the following rules and regulations governing property additions/changes:


Traditional stick-built construction and modular homes are permitted. These must adhere to local codes and regulations. ALL residences are required to have an approved well and septic system. Manufactured homes (formerly called trailers, mobile homes or double-wides) are not allowed in the YMR. Manufactured homes adhere to a federal code (also referred to as HUD code) and not local building codes. They are also typically, but not always, permanently attached to a trailer chassis.


Any changes and/or additions to the existing footprint of a residence must be approved by the committee.


As the YMR has no public parking facilities, it is necessary for a member to have a driveway if they wish to utilize hunting and / or  recreational vehicle riding privileges on community owned property. Driveways may be no larger that 18 foot wide by 40 foot long.  The lot must be left in a natural state when construction is complete with all debris cleaned up and hauled off site.  Any member wishing to receive a Hunting pass and / or ATV stickers must install a driveway within two (2) months of receiving said passes and / or stickers or shall face revocation of those privileges. Any addition of a driveway must be approved by the committee. The property owner is responsible for any culverts necessary to allow storm water drainage along the roads. If the property owner does not install any needed culverts, the YHOA will install them and bill the homeowner for same.


You are allowed up to two outbuildings per improved assessed property with a residence on it and must adhere to the required setback restrictions. Outbuildings or permanent structures are not allowed on unimproved lots. You must fill out an approval checklist prior to building or installing a pre-fabricated shed and/or garage.


The YMR has the following required set-backs for residences and sheds/garages:

25 feet from the front property line
10 feet from the rear and side property lines

Please remember that these measurements are from your property line, not the road.


The removal of any tree over two (2) inches in diameter must be approved by the committee. This rule is in place to maintain the wooded aesthetic of our community, not to hinder any building process. We ask that you only remove trees necessary for the construction of your home, garage, driveway, septic, etc. Please mark the trees you wish to remove (with surveyors tape or spray paint) and fill out a form obtained by the office for approval. Of course, if a tree is imminently in danger of falling into and damaging a residence, please take the necessary action and notify the office after.


Any and all construction debris (organic or man-made) must be hauled off-site. Those caught dumping debris on any YMR property or in our community dumpsters will be fined and prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law. For the courtesy of your neighbors, please remove all debris in a timely manner.


The YMR is a residential community. No businesses will be permitted. There will be no signage advertising businesses or real estate without express permission of the Board of Directors.

This is a brief synopsis of the Architectural Covenants and Restrictions. For further information, contact the YHOA via the Contact Us page of this website.


Do I need to submit an application to build or make changes to my property in the YMR?
Yes - Anyone making changes to their lot such as a new residence, changes to the footprint of the existing residence, adding a shed or garage, installing a driveway or removing trees must fill out an Architectural Approval Form.

Are there any fees associated with approval?
For new construction of residences there is a non-returnable impact fee of $250.00. For driveway installations the impact fee is $50.00 and is non-refundable.   If damage has occurred that affects storm water runoff, the road and/or drainage issue shall be repaired by the association and any additional costs beyond the $100 impact fee will be billed to the member.

How long does it take to be approved?
If you have all the proper accompanying documents, please allow 30 days from day of submittal; however, most approvals take much less time (7 - 14 days).  

What documents do I need to submit to get approval?
For a new residence you need to have planning approval through the county and you must have an approval for a septic system. You must submit to the YHOA Architectural Committee the following: An Architectural Approval form, a copy of your building plans, a site plan showing your house and driveway placement on the lot, Garrett County Health Dept. septic approval and you must mark your trees to be removed.

What are the setback requirements in the Yough?
All buildings including residences, garages and sheds must be at least 25 feet from the front property line. Please be aware that this measurement is from the property line not the road. The side and rear setbacks are 10 feet from the property line. Please also be aware that there are road easements of 15 feet from the centerline on the side roads and 20 feet from the centerline on Yough Blvd. Do not place fences, rock walls, etc. in these easements.

What are the requirements for building a garage, placing a shed or any other non-residence structures on my lot?
Only those lots which have an approved residence may have outbuildings. There is a limit of two outbuildings per lot with residence.

What is the requirement for installing a driveway?
You must submit the applicable Architectural Approval form, a site plan showing driveway placement and you must mark the trees to be removed. Please be aware that if a driveway impedes that natural flow of water run-off you must install a culvert. If a culvert is not installed and water flow is impeded, the Roads Committee will have one installed and will bill the member for same.

Architectural Application for Building a Residence

Architectural Application for Alterations, Driveways, Outbuildings, Tree Removal