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Nestled in the scenic mountains of western Maryland, the members of the Youghiogheny Mountain Resort community enjoy peaceful surroundings, beautiful views and abundant wildlife. The Youghiogheny Homeowners Association is glad to have you as a neighbor. Our community is unique in that we have over 2400 acres, around 43 miles of roads, 32 mile of maintained roads (mostly gravel) and over 13 miles of trails for hiking and other activities. The YMR offers something for everyone. We have several fishing areas and a designated hunting area. The Youghiogheny Mountain Resort is located only minutes from Deep Creek Lake, The Wisp Ski Resort, Swallow Falls State Park, Herrington Manor State Park, Garrett State Park and many other attractions.

This website is maintained by the YHOA and is designed to be a communication center and an information resource for our residents. Check here often for updated information and new content. Please feel free to Contact Us with your comments and suggestions.

You must register to access the “Members Only” section of our site. If you are not currently a member but are interested in becoming one, please check out the real estate section. We offer a limited number of parcels for sale each year.

Neighborhood News
Moving Dumpster
Posted on Oct 25th, 2019
We will be moving the Dumpsters to the shop area starting 10/28/2019
With the hope this move will cut down the amount of a illegal dumping.
Video cameras will be installed.
(Privacy Fence Will be Installed)
Board Of Director Election
Posted on Jan 21st, 2019
The board has been researching online voting for the yearly Board of Directors election, we have discussed it in a few Membership meetings, and received positive feedback. The cost of mailing out approximately 900 paper ballots is about $2,500.00, but only 10% of the membership actually vote.
This will be the last year we will be mailing out paper ballots to the entire membership, after a unanimous vote by the Board. Voting will take place online on the website. Paper ballots will still be available at the office or mailed to members as requested, more information will be mailed out with your next ballot.
Office Hours
Posted on Nov 1st, 2016
Office hours with Laura Newhall are Fridays from 4PM to 7PM and Saturdays 9AM to 12 NOON. Additional office hours can be arranged by appointment. Please call the office at 301-616-8958 or email to arrange an appointment.

Office Number Changed
Please note that as of 9/30/2019 our current 301-387-9625 office number will no longer be in service. 
The NEW office phone number is 301-616-8958

Upcoming Events
Sunday, November 17th at Clubhouse
1:00 PM - Ravens vs Texans
4:00 PM - Patriots vs Eagles 
Sunday, November 24th at Clubhouse
1:00 PM - Steelers vs Bengals
4:00 PM - Cowboys vs Patriots 

Youghiogheny Homeowners Association, Inc.
36 Youghiogheny Boulevard
Oakland, Maryland  21550